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Why Organic?

Organic food is better for your family's health and the planet. Buying organic is a direct investment in the future of our food system, so it's a choise you can feel good about.
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Made in Albania

As Albanian consumers, we still have the good fortune to have fresh products for the most part ofthe year.
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Fresh products from Albania

  • 2018

Vision, Mission and our Values

We stand out to be a leading business that promotes best practices and pursues differentiation andvalue simultaneously. Steady growth of export business of top quality processed food items,strictly adhering to the international norms and laws and clearly exceeding the standards andtaste required by the discerning end-consumers world-wide, thus earning our Motherland globalacclamation and appreciation together with precious foreign exchange is our vision.

A 'no-compromise-on-quality' approach in all production processes and no 'allowance-for-shortcomings' in all business dealings, together with a total commitment to continuousimprovement and consumer satisfaction at all levels, to achieve and maintain a frontline positionamong similar ventures is our mission.

We pride ourselves in being customer focused, quality leader, profitable yet socially responsible.We are constantly engaging with our customers, suppliers, and communities to translate ourstrategy into measurable, tangible success.

Albanian Agro Export